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The Consumer Driven Cure for Healthcare Interoperability. Leverages the Blockchain and Smart Contracts to let patients share and monetize their healthcare data.

Rama has become my go to blog for information and HIT news. He delivers timely, condensed information that I trust. In the fast paced and noise filled HIT ecosystem Rama is a reliable filter and lens for what is important.

Thomas Giannulli MD MS, Founder/CEO

On target analysis of healthcare trends, challenges, direction, and future

Each day, Rama on Healthcare captures the essence of what is happening in healthcare, where it is heading, and the challenges to get there. The variety of articles is quite helpful for those looking to get into the details or to get a broad brush of what's happening and what solutions, services, and technology are or will be effective and what to watch. Keep up the great work!

Rob Robertson, Principal | MBA
R2 Apogee LLC

Rama is tuned in

Rama's daily e-mails nicely capture what's happening in healthcare today and where things are headed. Thank you for keeping us all informed and connected on ways to move healthcare to a better place. Keep it up.

Jim Fields, Partner & Global Head, Health Services, Health & Life Sciences
Oliver Wyman

Great insights

Rama provides great insights to the healthcare technology trends. I read all the publications. I will highly recommend to those who may concern.

Ping Zhang, Ex-SVP Product Innovation and CTO

Always Current and Insightful

As an advisor to many health systems across the Country, I have found Rama's insights helpful and on target. I start each day reviewing his post.

Steve Valentine, Vice President, Strategic Advisory Services, and Chairman of the Board Orthopeadic Institute for Children
Premier Health Solutions, Inc.

Timely and to the point

Insightful commentary on the ever changing health care landscape, a great way to stay informed not only on what is happening but also what is likely to happen

Kimberly Rask, Chief Data Officer
Alliant Health Solutions

Fully Integrated Web EHR Software

Rama on Healthcare provides timely and insightful perspectives on pertinent topics across the healthcare industry. It’s a dynamic resource that allows me and my colleagues at MEDITECH to keep up with the rapidly transforming healthcare landscape.

Christine Parent. Associate Vice President

Rama - serves up what you need to know when you need to know it!

Over the years Rama has become the trusted source for real news in healthcare!

Tee Green, Executive Chairman
Greenway Health

Service is highly actionable and recommended

Rama provides an unrivaled stream for salient, relevant and timely information. I’m continually impressed at his ability to span the multiple verticals spanning healthcare IT. His service is highly actionable and recommended.

Alex Benson, Director of Market Research and Analyst Relations
Cerner Corporation

MedASTUTE provides analytics consulting services to healthcare providers and health plans

Rama on Healthcare cuts to the point, highlighting important trends in Health Care, today. Rama saves times with his highlights, but also provides links to the detail I need. Very useful.

Tom Wadsworth, President
MedASTUTE Consulting

A critical and powerful source of news and information

Without a doubt, Rama’s newsletter provides a critical  and powerful source of news and information that allows me to quickly get up to speed on health industry news and knowledge. As a leader in the VC/PE practice for our firm, I have now used many of the highly curated news and headlines to inform our ability to impact clients along with sharing it with GPs’ and LPs’ alike. I receive many newsfeeds in the morning and I always look forward to reading Rama on Healthcare.

Veneeth Iyengar, Ex-Chief Growth Officer
Sage Growth Partners

Time Saver with great content

Rama on Healthcare is a great way for me to keep up with the latest trends in the health IT space in particular, though it does cover other areas which is also helpful. I can look at the summaries in my email and/or go to in depth on articles that are beneficial for my learning or my clients. I have found Rama on Healthcare to be a way to minimize the number of newsletters I subscribe to and I would recommend them for sure.

Aryana Khalid, Managing Director, Health + Wellness Practice
Glover Park Group

One source

Rama has become the one source I at least scan each day to get a handle on healthcare news.

Leonard D'Avolio, PhD, Founder & CEO and Assistant Professor
Cyft, Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Focused Intel

From a broad brushed HIT approach that combined with iterative dialog, Rama provides research based on specific needs. I’m not sure what’s behind the curtain, but he can produce some very granular focused research. He’s one of the best in the business.

Tim Eggena, Chief Strategy Officer

Monitoring innovation from app to business models

In the 'signal to noise' challenge we face in the innovation economy, Rama On Healthcare is one of a few daily online publications that gets and holds my attention. Kudos Rama!

Gregg A Masters, Founder/CEO
Health Innovation Media

Accountable and Value Based Care Organization

I have received the Rama on Healthcare newsfeeds for sometime and have to say that the information provided is very powerful, insightful and has provided me a greater understanding to the rapid changes in the United States healthcare environment.

Thank You!

Alex Foxman, MD, FACP, President/ Chief Medical Officer
National ACO

Best curated information on the healthcare and health IT industries

For the past decade, I’ve relied on Rama’s content for my research, strategy and industry surveillance. I also ensure my companies and boards all subscribe to his insights since he consistently has the best curated information on the healthcare and health IT industries. I even invite Rama annually onto my This Just In Radio Show to discuss the latest trends in healthcare and to gain his insights. He’s certainly one of the best assets we have in healthcare!

Justin T. Barnes, HIT Advisor
This Just In | HIMSS Radio, Justin Barnes

Rama’s service helps tremendously

I’ve found Rama’s data and information sharing of timely articles and news events extremely valuable.  Given how quickly events unfold in our industry, it is imperative to stay current  and up to date with industry developments.  Rama’s service helps tremendously in this regard.

Brian E. Flanigan, National Go-To-Market Leader and U.S. Value-Based Care Leader
Life Sciences & Health Care, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Great Content -- Saves Time

Rama on Healthcare is a must-read for my team and me. In a few minutes we are able to stay abreast of pertinent changes in the healthcare industry. This is one of my go-tos for information.

Susan Kinzler, Susan Kinzler, Chief Financial Officer
Healthstat, Inc.

Helpful insights

I’m a daily reader of Rama’s articles. I find them highly relevant to my business, and provides helpful insights to me in figuring out where my company should focus on strategy and innovation.

Yulun Wang, Ph.D., Chairman, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer
InTouch Health

Invaluable Market Intelligence Resource!

Rama has made a huge difference in our ability to stay current with market and regulatory trends that impact our company and product strategy. In a very short period of time he understood our value proposition and key differentiators to deliver insight that has been invaluable!

Reese Gomez, Chief Revenue Officer
MD Revolution

Highly relevant

I appreciate the articles Rama sends. They are highly relevant for our business.

Jay Desai, CEO and Co-Founder

Why I read Rama on Healthcare every day...

Rama does a fantastic job at aggregating relevant content on a daily basis. Coupled with his team's industry insights, Rama on Healthcare is a daily go-to read for the TruClinic team.

Justin Kahn, VP, Consumer/SME
InTouch Health

Regular part of my reading

'Rama On Healthcare' offers valuable, curated content about trends impacting healthcare. I look forward to Rama's regular emails and make them a regular part of my reading. It's a great way to keep a finger on the pulse of what's happening in healthcare!

Matt Hawkins, CEO and Board Member

Regularly used by my leadership team and me

Rama has assembled a news feed that is regularly used by my leadership team and me. He has great select of instincts.

Jonathan Bush, Chief Executive Officer

Timely. Relevant. Helpful. Actionable

I appreciate Rama on Healthcare's timely delivery of relevant insights which give me information and market insights to act on. I appreciate the sharp commentary and quick analysis. Literally, it is the healthcare technology news and commentary that I need to have.

Deborah DiSanzo, General Manager
IBM Watson Health

Rama has an impressive combination of health care and IT acumen

Rama has an impressive combination of health care and IT acumen. His curation of countless publications to help me attempt to discern 'signal from the noise’ is invaluable. I rely daily on his information sharing to shape my thinking at a dynamic time in health care.

Donald Trigg, President, Cerner Health Ventures

Excellent Information

The information being received is very organized, timely and delivers the appropriate amount of content to provide the right amount of detail for quick consumption - not just a headline nor a total white paper. Thanks ! Craig

Craig Richardville, Ex-Senior Vice President & CIO
Carolinas HealthCare System

Rama finds what matters!

Rama does a great job finding signal through all the noise happening in healthcare.

Bob Kocher, MD, Partner

Mr Rama Juturu is one of the sharpest minds in Health Care Consulting and Coaching today

Mr Rama Juturu is one of the sharpest minds in Health Care Consulting and Coaching today. I am amazed at his range and ability to seize up complex issues with laser-like focus and bring the intricate concerns to very simple-to-digest action points. Rama loves to share knowledge and brings a comprehensive subject matter expertise to his clients so that they can strategize, execute and innovate in the extremely challenging that we all face today. I highly recommend Rama to doctors, administrators, management consultants and thought leaders as mentor and education resource.

Dr. Pariksith Singh, Medical Director
Access Health Care Physicians, LLC

Shaping the healthcare industry

Rama’s analysis of the key issues shaping the healthcare industry is on my daily reading list.

John Halamka, MD, MS, Chief Information Officer
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Medicare MSSP ACO

The articles and information you feature are factual, relevant, and very timely. I utilize the information to communicate issues, legislative actions, data, and industry facts to our ACO physicians, as well as our large 1100 physician IPA/CIN organization. Your articles highlight information and trends in healthcare that assist us in strategic planning and preparation for the constant changing healthcare environment.

Larry Jones, ACO Executive
Physicians Collaborative Trust ACO LLC

Early stage venture focused on Connected Health Consumer

Rama's daily briefing helps me stay on top of what is happening in the rapidly changing health world. What I like most is the deeper dives on the more complex issues and regulations. Thanks for helping to keep us all informed.

Thomas Main, Partner
7wire Ventures

Thoughtful and thorough

Rama, I read your blog regularly and find it to provide not only the high level overview for a quick read, but also the thoughtful analysis and data that is often missing via most healthcare news outlets today. The topics, while covering a wide range, concentrate on important areas for the industry, such as IT. Keep up the great work.

Raja Ramachandran, Senior Director, Claiming and Remittance
Change Healthcare

Good writing and analysis

I'm a fan, Rama! Good writing and analysis.

Lynn Barr, CEO and Founder
Caravan Health

I value the service

Rama consistently pulls together interesting, useful, and provocative content -- all I have to do is read it. This saves me time and makes me think. I value the service, it is one of the few news aggregators I always check.

Rick Rubin, CEO

Data Driven Healthcare

This is a great consolidation of news. One site covering many different aspects of healthcare that is very timely and relevant.

Kyle Silvestro, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board
Sytrue, Inc.

Spot On!

I use Rama's insights to keep me up-to-date on the most relevant information in the ever changing Healthcare landscape. His insights are spot on and I know every time that he does his homework to separate the signal from the noise. In my Director roles in the industry, Rama's insights have come in handy for strategic decisions.

Subbu Ramalingam, Ex-Director Risk Analytics
Independence Blue Cross

Rama Really Helps Busy Executives Stay Current

All of us are getting constantly bombarded with information and don't have the time to keep up with all of it. Rama has an uncanny ability to sift through all of it and bring forth the essence of what is relevant to many of us.

Albert Santalo, Founder

Outstanding content for years

Rama is one of our industry's visionaries. For years, Rama has consistently produced insights from an industry going through necessary transformation into data-driven digital health.

Jason Rose, CEO

Great information source

I don't know how Rama does it...he consistently seems to find interesting and high quality industry news that I do not find reliably elsewhere.

This is a great resource!

John Loonsk, Chief Medical Informatics Officer
CGI Federal

Very pertinent and helpful

Rama, I read your blog regularly. The topics you select are very pertinent and helpful. Keep up the good work.

Girish Navani, Chief Executive Officer

Healthcare Analytics

Rama has been a trusted source of timely and relevant information related to the health IT space for years. He has a unique ability to analyze and synthesize large volumes of complex content and highlight the salient points for his audience. This willingness and ability to share data and insights have helped inform many of the leaders in our industry.

Andy Hurd, Ex-CEO

Right on the pulse of where the industry is going

Hi Rama,  Deeply appreciate your blog - energetic, accurate and right on the pulse of where the industry is going. It's honest and reflects your hard work and professionalism. You earned it fair and square. Kudos.

Roy Schoenberg MD MPH, CEO
American Well

The leading Medical Coding Services solutions for Hospitals, Physicians and Health Plans

I have worked with Rama for well over a decade. He is a tenaciously hard worker and a diligent student of all the leading issues affecting Healthcare Revenue Cycle. I have learned so much from Rama and recommend him to anyone who wants to stay informed of this very dynamic and ever changing Industry of ours.

David Jensen, Founder & Chairman

Timely emails!

Rama's emails seems to always arrive at the right time. I have enjoyed updates on healthcare for many years now. Thanks Rama and keep them coming!!!


Jude A Pierre MD

Informative and insightful

Rama's blogs are both informative and insightful. They help me to keep up on the current trends in healthcare IT and its impact on all of us.

G Daniel Martich, MD

Very helpful!

This email newsletter has quickly become my go-to source for tracking and reading articles on healthcare transformation. Thanks for putting it together. Very helpful!

Emily Brower, SVP Clinical Integration & Physician Services
Trinity Health

Impact Advisors is a nationally recognized healthcare consulting firm dedicated to improving healthcare through technology and process improvement.

I have found the information provided by Rama on Healthcare to be very informative and well worth the read. I make sure that I spend at least 5 minutes each day reviewing the content of his email to stay informed of current issues and industry regulations. I have especially found his information on MACRA to be very useful as we all prepare for the upcoming changes.

Scott Pillittere, Vice President
Impact Advisors

A bright light in the industry

Rama's news feed and blog are terrific. I am a regular reader and a big fan. A bright light in the industry.

John Glaser, Senior Vice President of Population Health

Pulse on Healthcare Happenings

Rama's posting is the 1st I consult to find out what's happening in the healthcare industry. The insights are on target and relevant to those guiding regulatory transitions. I recommend the blog to my team and clients interested in keeping pace with this fast moving industry.

Kelly Whittle, Founder & CEO
Whittle Advisors

Healthcare consulting firm specializing in helping Academic Medical Centers and Large group practices leverage technology to enhance their practice.

I find the topics and articles extremely timely, relevant and accurate. Whether I want to understand a topic in depth, or just have a cursory glance, I have learned that Rama on Healthcare, is a great place to start. I look forward to each day's release.

Nancy Gagliano, MD, Chief Medical Officer
Culbert Healthcare Solutions

Part of my morning routine

Reading Rama's news feed has become part of my morning routine.

Chaim Indig, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member

Latest, most relevant news

I have been using Rama on Healthcare for several years, and I can always count on having the latest, most relevant news pushed to my inbox .

Rowland Miller, Senior Manager – Strategic Consulting

Many of the blogs useful

I have found many of the blogs useful - either directly or because they lead to important links I might not have found otherwise. The items featured are generally very timely.

Stephen C. Schoenbaum, Special Advisor to the President
Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation

Rama on Healthcare...With your first cup of coffee

Rama on Healthcare always provides the most relevant and comprehensive feed on healthcare news I have seen. It allowed me to stay abreast of emerging issues and opportunities at MedeAnalytics and now at Empactful Capital as an investor.

Sal DeTrane, Managing Director
Empactful Capital LLC

A superb service!

Rama's news feeds/articles are timely, informative, relevant, and well-written. The great advantage compared with other, similarly-intentioned efforts is that the pieces arrive singly and only when worth distributing, are detailed but not overladen with fluff, and are not burdened with advertisements. A superb service!

Tom Denberg, MD

Important and timely insights

Rama on Healthcare is a blog not to miss. Relevant and timely updates on issues that matter to those of us in innovation, digital health and beyond.

Linda Finkel, President

Relevant and helpful insights

I look forward to my digital newsletters from Rama on Healthcare. They contain very useful insights and keep me updated on developments in healthcare. I archive many of these articles for future reference.

Brent Walker, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer
c2b solutions

A wonderful blog

Rama on Healthcare is one of a few blogs that I check regularly. Great relevant content about the trends in healthcare drawn from a wide variety of sources. Very helpful to inform our strategic work. I frequently forward this blog to others in our organization.

Marci Sindell, Chief Strategy Officer and SVP External Affairs
Atrius Health

Information I can, definitely put in action

This information is something I enjoy and look forward to reading every time I receive it.  It is easy to read, very accurate, up-to-date.  Information I can, definitely put in action.   I can tell you that as former  TMA  W-Cameron County president and actual president of Sunshine ACO, one of the top 10 % ACOs  in  the USA,  your articles have been very helpful to me and my  colleagues.  Looking forward to continue receiving this useful information.  Sincerely, Yasmin Maldonado MD

Yasmin Maldonado MD, President
Sunshine ACO, LLC

Great perspective and timely information

Great perspective and timely information

Anita Somplasky, Clinical Quality Measures Director
Health Services Advisory Group, Inc. (HSAG)

Deep insight, news, and perspective on many topics in healthcare

Dear Rama - thank you for providing deep insight, news, and perspective on many topics in healthcare. I rely on the information you provide to help stay on top of the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Keep up the good work!


Michael Paul, Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Development
WellCare Health Plans

Finger on the pulse

Rama has his finger on the pulse. He knows what the important events and developments are and shares them in a very helpful mannner.

Steve Nilsen, Partner

Covers the landscape of HIT, population health, and value-based care very well

The content we get is right on point!

Sarah Thomas, Managing Director of Research, Center for Health Solutions

The corporate, regulatory and compliance law firm for healthcare professionals and businesses or all kinds

Rama's posting is one of the first I open to find out what's happening and what's on the horizon in healthcare. It helps me stay sharp and be the best advisor possible to our clients.

Jeff Cohen, Healthcare Lawyer
The Florida Healthcare Law Firm

Generally timely and relevant information

Generally timely and relevant information.

Rohan Kulkarni, Vice President Healthcare Strategy & Portfolio

A magnifying glass into todays Healthcare Dichonomy

Rama's team provides useful, timely and accurate information that allows our company to stay abreast of the constant changes and trends in Healthcare. Rama is knowledgeable, responsive and thorough; and all this at an excellent value.
– Steven Renard, President & CEO, TeleMed2U, Inc

Steven Renard, President & CEO
TeleMed2U, INC

Change Consultants

Your feeds keep me up to date on what is happening in the health care field.

Janice M Prochaska, Consultant
Prochaska Psychotherapists

Rama's healthcare coverage is always timely

I have to say that Rama does an excellent job of distilling the most important healthcare trends and events down to the key takeaways that really matter most. Thanks Rama - Keep up the great work!

Brad Bostic, Chairman & CEO

Saves me a lot of time!!

I read all the articles Rama sends me, 100% of them are relevant to me. It saves me so much time that I don't have to be looking around for relevant material that is immediately actionable. I subscribe to only a handful of newsletters and Rama's is one of them.

Maqbool Patel, Chief Technology Officer

Phenomenal job

Rama does a phenomenal job of communicating the most important industry trends! His research is very insightful and extremely helpful to anyone wanting to be aware of the latest and the greatest!

Arnab Sen, Chief Executive Officer

Clinical, financial and analytic solutions in the cloud to streamline workflow and modernize the patient experience.

Rama,  Your blogs and specifically the information around market trend perspectives helps in our planning assumptions. Keep up the good work!!

Ken Comee, Chief Executive Officer

VERY helpful

Rama,  The articles are VERY helpful. I learn from them – and it saves me time as you have already culled thru the mass of info and given me the important article to read !  I know the team feels the same. You may have also noticed that quite often when you send to us, we push out on our Social Media channels.  Thank you for what you do.

Allan M. Hess, Strategic Vertical Leader
Equifax Workforce Solutions

Very insightful

Rama,  I am regular reader of your news blog. I find the news articles very insightful and am thankful to you for keeping the reader community current on a wide range of healthcare topics.  Thanks, Gaurish

Gaurish Chandrashekhar, Director, Revenue Management
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Further education and information

The articles are not only relevant; however, pertinent to the Marketplace in Los Angeles. They provide further education and information to Physicians and Leadership alike.

Raj Takhar, Vice President, Business & Provider Strategy
Huntington Hospital

Timely and informative healthcare news updates

Thank you for your timely and informative healthcare news updates and pertinent articles you send. I always find them useful and they help me stay on top of what is happening in our industry.

Mike Swim, Vice President Of Business Development
NextGen Healthcare

Applied data science for improved healthcare

Rama really has a great pulse on the trends in the healthcare industry. The articles and blog posts that he circulates give me an in-depth view of key activities . And they are most always thought provoking. I often forward these articles to colleagues. Without Rama, I would lose a valuable source of critical information.

Darren Schulte, MD, Chief Executive Officer

Succinct. Insightful.

A very thoughtful compilation of articles and news that matter to leaders navigating through the disruptive change in healthcare. I have been following Rama on healthcare for a couple of years now. The consistency in the quality of the content curation over this period has been remarkable and speaks to his experience and passion.

Nandini Rangaswamy, Chief Strategy Officer

Rama does a spectacular job

Rama does a spectacular job perusing the literature and curating the most impactful publications, posts, and reports of the very latest of innovation and impact in healthcare.  His blog is an indispensable connection point in tracking the industry.  In this day when time is so very precious, having the 4-5 / week of the very best trends, reports, and insights presented from someone who deserves high accolades for having an eye for what’s important is a precious and trustworthy resource.  Well done Rama!

David K Nace, MD, Chief Medical Officer

I rely on your blog and content as a simple and efficient method and repository


I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all the content you share with me regarding the healthcare space. The information, articles, white papers and vision you share helps me tremendously to stay current, informed and ahead of where the industry is going. As a busy executive, I rely on your blog and content as a simple and efficient method and repository. In addition, I often forward your content to my company and division associates to facilitate their ongoing education.

I greatly appreciate all the support you provide me.

Richard Lopez del Rincon, Senior Vice President of office-based physician service

I can count on Rama's national healthcare email distribution

I have known and subscribed to Sir "Rama" for over 7 plus years and always welcome his timely, concise, headline-worthy news updates. 

As a busy healthcare executive not readily available to educating myself daily on our industry's market dynamics, I know I can count on Rama's national healthcare email distribution to deliver me the 50K foot viewpoints for the week, sometimes day. 

Aside, it is always a pleasure to tap into Rama's mindset for a quick monthly call to compare and contrast the pulse of our market place. 

There is no one better at digesting the knowledge and pace for this industry and getting it exposed to healthcare's most strategic minds. 

Thank you Rama for being an enabler and patriot for healthcare transformation.  Somewhere in this matrix you are saving lives!

Rich Walsh, Managing Partner
HealthHusk LLC