As we embark on a major conference, which we call Liftoff PGH, to engage a region in envisioning health care in 2030, RamaOnHealthcare is our window to the future. It’s a daily jolt of curated information and insights, guiding us to all things progressive at the frontiers of health care. Our region benefits from RamaOnHealthcare’s contribution to paving the way as we transition from 2020 to 2030, alert and well informed.

Karen Wolk Feinstein
President and CEO

Over the past year RamaOnHealthcare has been my consistent go-to in the morning for my industry information. What I appreciate the most is the relevance of the articles each day. They are very spot-on for what I am either interested in or timely as it relates to what we are working on. That is important as the amount of information fighting for attention pushed to me each day is significant. It is nice to be able to get an valuable aggregation each morning without having to go hunt around.

Jonathan Goldberg
Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer

I greatly appreciate the comprehensiveness of the news and news sources that RamaOnHealthcare provides.

Blair G Childs
Senior Vice President of Public Affairs

RamaOnHealthcare collects interesting and relevant articles on a wide variety of health information topics–including technical issues, privacy and data analytics. I generally find at least five articles a week that I read more thoroughly. This saves me from having to subscribe to numerous sites. I just recommended the service to a colleague who is doing research on value based arrangements because data issues are so important to the success/failure of this alternative payment arrangement, as well as others.

Wendy Warring
President and CEO

RamaOnHealthcare is the only source of healthcare news that I read nearly every day. It’s fast and efficient at the headline level, yet substantive on the topics where I want to go deeper. The curation of topics helps me stay up-to-date on the most relevant action across U.S. healthcare. Kudos to the RamaOnHealthcare team.

Mark Luck Olson
Chief Executive Officer

Your extraordinarily useful work allows me a very efficient way to keep up with technological, and other, changes in healthcare. The presentations are timely, carefully selected, and pithy. I can rapidly scan for content I wish to pursue in more depth. Thank you for this very valuable service!

University of Missouri - Emeritus Professor, Retired
Harold Williamson
(Former) Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs

Starting off the day by scanning the major headlines in RamaOnHealthcare has been a critical part of my ability to stay on top of news and trends in the industry. I find it an excellent and efficient resource for staying informed.

John J Walker
Chief Operating Officer; Chief Medical Officer

I have been reading RamaOnHealthcare for a few years, and there is no one better at aggregating the most relevant and informative digital health content out there. It is my go-to newsletter, as it seems there are articles of interest in every daily post. Thank you for all the good work you do, so I can be more efficient and informed!

Ken H. Rosenfeld
President & COO

RamaOnHealthcare helps me to stay current with what’s going on in digital health. RamaOnHealthcare does a nice job in curating the week’s top headlines with respect to digital health. Their postings include links to timely, relevant articles and policy updates. The newsletter is easy to navigate and well organized. Nice job RamaOnHealthcare!

David C. Rhew, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer and VP of Healthcare

RamaOnHealthcare’s news feed keeps me up to date on key issues shaping the healthcare industry. Also, as a startup health care technology company we look for ways to get our tools in front of people in the industry and RamaOnHealthcare’s “Emerging and Trending” recognition program helped us tremendously.

Jacob Wychulis
VP, Business Relations

RamaOnHealthcare greets me each morning with emerging advancements, timely topics, ingenuity, and ample solutions with potential to improve lives, care, management, strategy, and more. Quite often I share these insights with my university students to keep them focused on a promising tomorrow where possibility is very much alive and thriving! RamaOnHealthcare provides me with a daily dose of wonder, inspiration, and hope! Thank you, Dr Barbara Duffy

Multiple Universities
Barbara Duffy
University Professor and Entrepreneur

RamaOnHealthcare is one of my go-to sources for information on the healthcare industry. The curated content is specifically attuned to my work in value-based care, technology innovation, and health care transformation, and I am grateful to RamaOnHealthcare and his team for being a source of such knowledge.

Eric Weaver
VP, Strategy and Transformation

Great newsletter–one of the few I read on a daily basis.

Joseph S. Vasile, MD, MBA

RamaOnHealthcare is one of the few sources I read every day, all the way down. It is an excellent source for the previous days’ healthcare coverage and the emails are often organized topically, meaning I will know if things are themed by, say, blockchain in healthcare or social determinants of health or whatever. I write every day on the latest developments in healthcare and need to filter through a high volume of news to get to what matters. RamaOnHealthcare helps me do that.

Brad Roberts
Strategic Planning Managing Director

RamaOnHealthcare is a vital part of my ability to stay inspired, informed, and curious about the rapid pace of change in our industry. Every resource is carefully curated to present the real information that matters, cutting out the time it would take me to weed through all the non-information that exists out there. It is a routine for me to start my day, and I treat the information as a colleague in my inner circle of thought leadership and inspiration.

Jeff Fuller
Executive Director, Analytical Solutions

RamaOnHealthcare and my morning cup of coffee are how I start my day. This quick, efficient way to access the broad, strategic news in health care, curated by topic, allows me to stay updated and focused on the most relevent news in the health care ecosystem.

Grace E Terrell, MD
Chief Executive Officer

I am a daily reader of RamaOnHealthcare. The content is timely and informative and the articles are practical and useful. As an emeritus professor, RamaOnHealthcare is very helpful in keeping up to date.

Frank Cerra, MD
Emeritus Professor

The Digital Health market is evolving rapidly and along many different dimensions. It is important to me to keep up so I follow the news pretty consistently. Despite that, at least once or twice a week RamaOnHealthcare’s team uncovers valuable content that I otherwise would have missed. I always scan what RamaOnHealthcare has prepared!  Great job!

Tim Wright
Chief Strategy Officer

RamaOnHealthCare is a truly unique and valuable daily quick-read on the most compelling, important, and emerging trends unleashed in health care and health policy. It’s not merely breaking news; rather it points to where we’re heading and what you need to know to be ahead of the game.

John C (Jack) Lewin MD

RamaOnHealthcare is an excellent source of carefully curated healthcare news. The daily digest highlights important medical topics and allows me to stay informed and up-to-date with everything happening in and around healthcare. While there are multiple sources for such information, I have found ROH to be high yield, non-obtrusive, and timely. For anyone interested in staying current with the ever changing world of medicine, the ROH daily digest is a must.

Benjamin Schwartz
Orthopedic Surgeon

I read RamaOnHealthcare every morning. Great source for the latest health care and health technology news. It is also a great source for in depth coverage of emerging trends in health care.

Robert Wychulis

RamaOnHealthcare is a fantastic service that makes me smarter and more efficient in getting up to speed on matters that affect me and my space.

Mike Gaudette
Director of Operations

Time is always at a premium for most of us. RamaOnHealthcare’s work saves me considerable time in my desire to keep current on a wide range of healthcare-related topics. RamaOnHealthcare doesn’t seem to allow “fluff” to sneak through, they link to only worthwhile content. I find myself frequently sending articles I’ve read on RamaOnHealthcare’s newsletter and site to others. Simply stated, all those in a healthcare leadership position should at least give this daily brief a try for a while. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Randy Davis

RamaOnHealthcare is like my morning coffee…it helps awaken me to the day ahead and brings into focus many areas of my personal and professional interest. Both as CMIO at UPMC for many years then as CMO at WVUMedicine and now as a consultant I looked to RamaOnHealthcare for aggregated curated information on hot topics affecting healthcare and technology.

G. Daniel Martich, MD

I’ve been counting on RamaOnHealthcare for years now to begin my day! After decades of reading curated news, I put RamaOnHealthcare at the very top. I have never before encountered such a relevant and extremely timely selection of pertinent news. Right to the heart of all the right topics!

Jennifer Rogers
Senior Product Director

RamaOnHealthcare is my trusted go-to news source for a real time consolidation of news and industry information around the business of Healthcare. Since being a charter subscriber, RamaOnHealthcare has alerted me to the days important events far ahead of other news sources. Reading RamaOnHealthcare makes helps keep me on top of the latest trends, news and technologies and gives me up to the minute analyst insight, all during my first cup of coffee! Thank you Juturu and team RamaOnHealthcare!

Sam Godwin
Network Creator

As an executive of an emerging healthcare technology company, I consider staying current on trends in the industry to be a critical component of my job. Of the dozens of newsletters and trade publications that hit my inbox, RamaOnHealthcare is the one I read every single day. They do an amazing job of sifting through the sea of noise and fishing out highly relevant information. I share one or more articles that I discover through RamaOnHealthcare with my team, customers and/or prospects nearly every day. Thank you RamaOnHealthcare for this valuable service.

Les Wilkinson
Chief Development Officer

As I would suppose countless others, I rely heavily upon RamaOnHealthcare’s extraordinarily incisive environmental scan to make sure that I’m current on both late breaking developments as well as relevant commentary

Doug Bulleit
Managing Partner

I have used RamaOnHealthcare’s news digest since it’s inception. Being a privacy and security subject matter expert, software designer and content builder I need to keep up to date on the latest privacy and security laws, trends and guidance, especially given their fast pace of change at present. RamaOnHealthcare presents in-depth articles written by serious professionals which help me keep pace. Literally everyday open the newsletter and review pertinent articles. I also can stay current with interoperability, EHR and other areas that impact my areas of expertise. I often recommend RamaOnHealthcare for my attendees, customers and prospects for them to keep current with these ever changing subject matter areas, especially state privacy, security and breach laws.

William Kelly McLendon
Managing Director

RamaOnHealthcare is a critical resource for me in keeping up with the pace of news and developments in our industry. This is an exciting but unstable time in healthcare and RamaOnHealthcare helps me keep on top of things.

Joseph Siemienczuk, MD
Chief Medical Officer