RamaOnHealthcare: Featuring, HIaaS (Healthcare Insights as a Service) click here.

Healthcare and Health IT will continue to be highly transformative. Ensuring your company’s strategic position and differential value is going to be paramount; hence, having succinct, timely, industry insights from RamaOnHealthcare.

We can deliver innovative consulting services with speed and efficiency at a fraction of the cost by leveraging our digitized, curated content expertise and strategic thinking talent. Please review the testimonials in terms of what readers/customers are saying, and how your organization will benefit.

We look forward to conversations with you and your organization to explore opportunities for the areas listed below. If you would like to do a pilot with us please email us:

  • Customized news feeds (for targeted areas)
  • Data and information gathering (for whitepapers/ webinars)
  • Management (thought leadership, strategic planning)
  • Marketing (advertising, go-to-market strategy, messaging, market/ competitor analysis)
  • Product (innovation, strategy, management)