Honored to Serve in the Areas of

Specialty Advertising & Promotion, Health Insights as a Service (HIaaS), Strategic Consulting

RamaOnHealthcare Services

RamaOnHealthcare is pleased to serve your strategic advertising needs as it relates to creative sponsorships and tactical promotions. Through RoH’s informative website and daily e-newsletter dissemination, a new and unique platform is here. Inquire today about alignment opportunities and elite positioning.

Speaking of opportunities & uniqueness, ask us about our custom curation service, HIaaS (Health Insights as a Service). Per a specific need, strategy, or topic of interest, we will curate the top information within the said sector and report to your team directly. This area of work/expertise is growing to be one of RoH’s most popular lines of business.

Lastly, we’d love to grab an introductory call in regard to our strategic consulting capabilities which speak directly towards brand development – activation – optimization, and most importantly, competitive positioning.