Rama S Juturu

Healthcare Researcher, Strategist & Thought Leader

An Industry Enthusiast Inspired By Transformation, Patient Centric Care, Knowledge Transfer, and All Things Innovation.

No longer one of the best kept secrets in the healthcare industry, Rama Juturu is out and about, making a daily difference.

At the core, Rama is a virtual researcher, analyst, strategist and thought leader. With over two decades of healthcare experience behind him, Rama finds passion, and personal accountability, in consuming complex industry trends via the world wide web, and distilling them into timely, bite-size pieces.

It doesn’t’ stop there however. Rama understands that delivering on the new healthcare economy, and truly making an impact, will require a professional transfer of this intelligence to vast eco-system participants. In doing so, Rama humbly serves just under 15K organic subscribers daily distributions of critical information & context. Many of Rama’s recipients are some of our industry’s most respected & recognized executives.

Each morning, Monday through Saturday, a curated email, rich in headlines and industry movement, lands on the computer screen or mobile device of healthcare system CXOs, IT firms, Medical Directors, Venture Capitalists, Business Development Professionals, Emergent HIT Vendors, Investment Bankers, Legacy Technology Suppliers, Government Officials, Data Scientists etc. to welcoming, rave, and necessary reviews.

Yes, Rama is proud to ignite everyone’s day with not just enablement, but possibility in terms of transforming the healthcare industry.

Best to you in the great year of 2018. Let’s continue to transform our industry and impact patient lives!

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RamaOnHealthcare Interview

by HealthHusk LLC Managing Partner, Rich Walsh

Rama, I have known you for over a decade and finally have an opportunity to interview you. As I pose my first question, I chuckle lightly as I am truly interested. Where are your origins, tell me about the early days, share a little about yourself, today, as a family man?

“I was born in India, raised in a small village. As a teenager I was helping my father in farming and worked part-time in a family owned grocery shop. I did my undergraduate in Electronics and Communications Engineering and my post graduate in SQC (Statistical Quality Control) and OR (Operations Research). I had a burning desire to migrate to the United States. I moved to the US in 1990 with my two little girls. In the last three decades I have learned the American culture, entrepreneurship, and all about community. America has given me the best opportunity to educate and raise my children. My two daughters and three grandchildren are well settled in Silicon Valley.”

And for the second, completely generic question, when and how did you come into Healthcare & the Healthcare Information Technology sector? What led you here?

“I got a taste for the healthcare system during our medical appointments with doctors. Both myself and family had experienced several issues and challenges that ultimately led me to opportunities in servicing the medical community. As an entrepreneur, I came into healthcare in 2000. Given my deep IT experience and love for technology, I fell in love with the American HIT sector. I believe “Health is Life”, “Health Information is Life” and “Health is now digital and empowering the patient-consumer”. Over the years I built a passion for healthcare transformation, disruption and dream everyday about how we can fix healthcare’s “people, process, and technology” eco-system thru innovation!”

Rama, your name continues to grow daily in our industry. When I visit your testimonials, receive your distributions, spend time with your intentions, they are pure, concise and deliberate. Where does all this passion, eagerness and influence come from? What gets you out of bed in the AM culling the vast industry news & headlines?

“I am gifted at sensing and imagining things quickly, accurately, efficiently; thereby, I have a passion for information, creating insights, ultimately lending themselves to positive innovation’s. The ever growing computing and internet power has placed me in a unique position in the CDE (curation, dissemination and education) space too. As a result, I have established relationships with hundreds of simply terrific healthcare executives and professionals nationally. I enjoy emailing news articles and sparking discussions that I believe are vital for understanding the complicated US healthcare system which, unfortunately, has remained fragmented for decades.”

Rama, while you have multiple decades of tenure in Healthcare & Healthcare Information Technology, what have you seen as the major trends and why? If you could cast a stone at the next 10 years and make a ripple, what would it look like?

“Healthcare Interoperability, Virtual care, Cybersecurity, AI/ML are the top technology trends in the coming 10 years, driving functional capacities in: value-based models, population health management, precision medicine etc. We will be seeing hyper innovation in apps and algorithms driven by the private sector resulting in improved costs, performance outcomes and patient experience.”

Rama, there are many subscriptions, feeds, disseminations of news out there; how do you compete, what makes you different, why do you think you are excelling so much here in the last 12 plus months?

“I have reviewed popular healthcare news publications in depth. I must tell you that my passion and unique ability with curation, coupled-in with leveraging the latest and greatest innovative tools and techniques, has helped me get the right insights, to the right people, at the right time. It is being appreciated by the masses and for that I am grateful. I do feel as if I am making a difference as well.

I believe RamaOnHealthcare (RoH) is Google for Healthcare, but, focusing on human intelligence rather than mere machine intelligence. This is essential for navigating very complex healthcare systems, calculated trends and movements; and of course, the tracking of ever changing technologies. I also believe at the end of the day I am “blue collar” in persona …I think that is what you call it. I am tried & true, caring and compelled to do the right thing. Lastly, I feel RoH, as a growing organization, is boutique in nature and will always be. I don’t really aspire to be all things to all people – at all costs. I’d like to help them, collaborate with them, and reach mutually successful outcomes with them!”

The healthcare industry’s biggest show, HIMSS has come and gone here as of recent. What are your thoughts, thematically speaking, about our sector in terms of ‘state of the union’? What worries you, likewise, excites you.

“HIMSS is an annual/periodical show for getting people together and exchanging views on the general HIT space. I attend various conferences when I can and meet as many senior level HIT leaders when schedules permit. HIMSS certainly is “the” show but newcomers are coming about yearly. For example HLTL is the new show on the block and is driving exceptional reviews. Personally, I accomplish most of my work remotely in a very efficient, effective manner and ensure daily learning is part of my discipline. Learning is what I love to do, get up each day inspired to do. To me, the big picture it is all about thought, action and impact leadership, with a goal of moving closer to the community in terms of enhancing quality of life from an affordable, accessible, and virtual manner. HIMSS covers lots of this and all the late-great HIT buzz worthy’s. They drive valued content and for that they are to be very complimented. All this being said, gov’t affairs, transformation & care model experimentation needs to expedite itself and we need to trust the pillars of prevention, wellness and disease management as mainstays of our new healthcare economy. What worries me is “educating” the medical youth/employees of tomorrow in terms of new care delivery. We have to move them into proactive vs. reactive designs and the subsequent workflow dynamics within. Can I also add: aligned incentives, standardized metrics and the patient being able to self-authorize/authenticate their own data.”

Rama, if you had a diversified audience of which you were going to speak with today; let’s say a recent graduate, a VC/PE firm, a chief strategy officer within a major delivery system, a young HIT sales rep looking for a specific career path, a healthcare press/media writer (you get the idea); what would you communicate to them in a sentence or less in terms of the current healthcare/healthcare information technology climate …?

“We are all facing ‘signal to noise’, ‘hype vs reality’ and various challenges in the innovation economy. Digesting relevant, timely, accurate information, and acting as needed, will place people in good positions.”

Rama, over the years you have seen (and culled I would say) massive amounts of news, headlines, & articles. What continues to surprise you about readership, writers, general information flow?

“Healthcare touches everybody and it is a basic need. This being said, there is too much news, articles and commentary regarding regulations, rapidly changing technologies, healthcare system and communities. The surprise is how any human can navigate and align priority in managing ones health, much less a delivery system, or technical mandate. I am afraid people may make mistakes and get lost while adhering to various protocols and guidelines.”

You mentioned that 2018 is a year of getting further serious about RamaOnHealthcare from a brand, a business, a national perspective? Why now and how will success be measured? Also, you mentioned expanded services. What will this look like?

“Healthcare is now in need of concise insights for survival, and ‘success as an industry’ has reached a turning point of moving towards consumer models seen in every other industry. At RamaOnHealthcare we adopt a C5 framework (content, consume, converge, collaborate, context) ultimately enabling innovation principles to seek ways to improve healthcare quality and lower overall cost of care.  I have been explaining, discussing this with several healthcare leaders and they are encouraging me to move RoH to a next level. As many of these leaders navigate their companies through complex trails of reform/regulation, digital adoption, consumer centricity & transformation, our conversations take on serious tone. So, naturally, gratefully, project work/considerations are arising: Custom research, content pursuits, competitive positioning analysis, market surveillance request etc. At this juncture RamaOnHealtcare is in the ‘crawl’ phase of a crawl, walk, run journey.  Assisting as a value add partner today will be in the simple format(s) of: custom curation, strategic consulting & unique advertising/sponsorship availabilities. Measuring success? Well, just seeing the kind reviews from such talented minds is plenty for me and the team.”

Forecast RamaOnHealthcare moving into the 2025 year. What do you look like then?

“RoH will become the solo healthcare information and insights source for US healthcare organizations in delivering value to consumers inside the digital and disruptive “medical” world.”