RamaOnHealthcare’s analysis of the key issues shaping the healthcare industry is on my daily reading list.

John Halamka, MD, MS
President, Mayo Clinic Platform

RamaOnHealthcare, I read your blog regularly. The topics you select are very pertinent and helpful. Keep up the good work.

Girish Navani
Chief Executive Officer

I’m a fan, RamaOnHealthcare! Good writing and analysis.

Lynn Barr
CEO and Founder

The content we get is right on point!

Sarah Thomas
Managing Director of Research, Center for Health Solutions

RamaOnHealthcare’s news feed and blog are terrific. I am a regular reader and a big fan. A bright light in the industry.

John Glaser
Former SVP Population Health Management

RamaOnHealthcare is a blog not to miss. Relevant and timely updates on issues that matter to those of us in innovation, digital health and beyond.

Linda Finkel

Information is presented real time which allows my team a daily surge of relevant industry updates. RamaOnHealthcare’s headlines allows us to immediately enhance client dialogue and ultimately improves our client relations.

Julie Decker
Managing Director

RamaOnHealthcare has become the one source I at least scan each day to get a handle on healthcare news.

Leonard D’Avolio, PhD
Founder & CEO and Assistant Professor

I have received the RamaOnHealthcare news feeds for sometime and have to say that the information provided is very powerful, insightful and has provided me a greater understanding to the rapid changes in the United States healthcare environment. Thank You!

Alex Foxman, MD
FACP, President/ Chief Medical Officer

RamaOnHealthcare has assembled a news feed that is regularly used by my leadership team and me. RamaOnHealthcare has great select of instincts.

Jonathan Bush

RamaOnHealthcare’s daily e-mails nicely capture what’s happening in healthcare today and where things are headed. Thank you for keeping us all informed and connected on ways to move healthcare to a better place. Keep it up.

Jim Fields
Partner & Global Head, Health Services, Health & Life Sciences

The information being received is very organized, timely and delivers the appropriate amount of content to provide the right amount of detail for quick consumption – not just a headline nor a total white paper. Thanks!

Craig Richardville
Senior Vice President & CIO

RamaOnHealthcare – thank you for providing deep insight, news, and perspective on many topics in healthcare. I rely on the information you provide to help stay on top of the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Keep up the good work!

Michael Paul
Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Development

This email newsletter has quickly become my go-to source for tracking and reading articles on healthcare transformation. Thanks for putting it together. Very helpful!

Emily Brower
SVP Clinical Integration & Physician Services

I appreciate RamaOnHealthcare’s timely delivery of relevant insights which give me information and market insights to act on. I appreciate the sharp commentary and quick analysis. Literally, it is the healthcare technology news and commentary that I need to have.

Deborah DiSanzo
Ex-General Manager

RamaOnHealthcare is one of a few blogs that I check regularly. Great relevant content about the trends in healthcare drawn from a wide variety of sources. Very helpful to inform our strategic work. I frequently forward this blog to others in our organization.

Marci Sindell
Chief Strategy Officer and SVP External Affairs

RamaOnHealthcare offers valuable, curated content about trends impacting healthcare. I look forward to RamaOnHealthcare’s regular emails and make them a regular part of my reading. It’s a great way to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in healthcare!

Matt Hawkins
CEO and Board Member

I use RamaOnHealthcare’s insights to keep me up-to-date on the most relevant information in the ever changing Healthcare landscape. His insights are spot on and I know every time that he does his homework to separate the signal from the noise. In my Director roles in the industry, RamaOnHealthcare’s insights have come in handy for strategic decisions.

Subbu Ramalingam
Ex-Director Risk Analytics

The articles are not only relevant; however, pertinent to the Marketplace in Los Angeles. They provide further education and information to Physicians and Leadership alike.

Raj Takhar
Vice President, Business & Provider Strategy

RamaOnHealthcare does a spectacular job perusing the literature and curating the most impactful publications, posts, and reports of the very latest of innovation and impact in healthcare. His blog is an indispensable connection point in tracking the industry. In this day when time is so very precious, having the 4-5 / week of the very best trends, reports, and insights presented from someone who deserves high accolades for having an eye for what’s important is a precious and trustworthy resource. Well done RamaOnHealthcare!

David K. Nace, MD
Chief Medical Officer

This information is something I enjoy and look forward to reading every time I receive it. It is easy to read, very accurate, up-to-date. Information I can, definitely put in action. I can tell you that as former TMA W-Cameron County president and actual president of Sunshine ACO, one of the top 10 % ACOs in the USA, your articles have been very helpful to me and my colleagues. Looking forward to continue receiving this useful information.

Yasmin Maldonado, MD
ACO Executive

As an advisor to many health systems across the Country, I have found RamaOnHealthcare’s insights helpful and on target. I start each day reviewing his post.

Steve Valentine
Vice President, Strategic Advisory Services, and Chairman of the Board Orthopeadic Institute for Children

RamaOnHealthcare provides timely and insightful perspectives on pertinent topics across the healthcare industry. It’s a dynamic resource that allows me and my colleagues at MEDITECH to keep up with the rapidly transforming healthcare landscape.

Christine Parent
Associate Vice President

I don’t know how RamaOnHealthcare does it…RamaOnHealthcare consistently seems to find interesting and high quality industry news that I do not find reliably elsewhere. This is a great resource!

John Loonsk
Chief Medical Informatics Officer

Best curated information on the healthcare and health IT industries. For the past decade, I’ve relied on RamaOnHealthcare’s content for my research, strategy and industry surveillance. I also ensure my companies and boards all subscribe to RamaOnHealthcare’s insights since it consistently has the best curated information on the healthcare and health IT industries. I even invite Rama Juturu annually onto my This Just In Radio Show to discuss the latest trends in healthcare and to gain his insights. He’s certainly one of the best assets we have in healthcare!

This Just In | HIMSS Radio
Justin Barnes
Health Innovation Executive, Corporate Advisor, Industry Strategist

RamaOnHealthcare, Your blogs and specifically the information around market trend perspectives helps in our planning assumptions. Keep up the good work!!

Ken Comee
Chief Executive Officer

I’m a daily reader of RamaOnHealthcare’s articles. I find them highly relevant to my business, and provides helpful insights to me in figuring out where my company should focus on strategy and innovation.

Yulun Wang, Ph.D.
Chairman, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

RamaOnHealthcare has made a huge difference in our ability to stay current with market and regulatory trends that impact our company and product strategy. In a very short period of time RamaOnHealthcare understood our value proposition and key differentiators to deliver insight that has been invaluable!

Reese Gomez
CEO / Founder

A very thoughtful compilation of articles and news that matter to leaders navigating through the disruptive change in healthcare. I have been following RamaOnHealthcare for a couple of years now. The consistency in the quality of the content curation over this period has been remarkable and speaks to Rama Juturu’s experience and passion.

Nandini Rangaswamy
Chief Strategy Officer

RamaOnHealthcare, I read your blog regularly and find it to provide not only the high level overview for a quick read, but also the thoughtful analysis and data that is often missing via most healthcare news outlets today. The topics, while covering a wide range, concentrate on important areas for the industry, such as IT. Keep up the great work.

Raja Ramachandran
Senior Director, Claiming and Remittance