Hi RamaOnHealthcare, Deeply appreciate your blog – energetic, accurate and right on the pulse of where the industry is going. It’s honest and reflects your hard work and professionalism. You earned it fair and square. Kudos.

Roy Schoenberg, MD, MPH
CEO and Founder

I have found the information provided by RamaOnHealthcare to be very informative and well worth the read. I make sure that I spend at least 5 minutes each day reviewing the content of his email to stay informed of current issues and industry regulations. I have especially found his information on MACRA to be very useful as we all prepare for the upcoming changes.

Scott Pillittere
Vice President

Rama Juturu’s posting is the 1st I consult to find out what’s happening in the healthcare industry. The insights are on target and relevant to those guiding regulatory transitions. I recommend the blog to my team and clients interested in keeping pace with this fast moving industry.

Kelly Whittle
Founder & CEO

I find the topics and articles extremely timely, relevant and accurate. Whether I want to understand a topic in depth, or just have a cursory glance, I have learned that RamaOnHealthcare, is a great place to start. I look forward to each day’s release.

Nancy Gagliano, MD
Chief Medical Officer

I have been using RamaOnHealthcare for several years, and I can always count on having the latest, most relevant news pushed to my inbox.

Rowland Miller
Ex-Senior Manager – Strategic Consulting

I have found many of the blogs useful – either directly or because they lead to important links I might not have found otherwise. The items featured are generally very timely.

Stephen C. Schoenbaum
Special Advisor to the President

RamaOnHealthcare always provides the most relevant and comprehensive feed on healthcare news I have seen. It allowed me to stay abreast of emerging issues and opportunities at MedeAnalytics and now at Empactful Capital as an investor.

Sal DeTrane
Managing Director

RamaOnHealthcare’s news feeds/articles are timely, informative, relevant, and well-written. The great advantage compared with other, similiarly-intentioned efforts is that the pieces arrive singly and only when worth distributing, are detailed but not overladen with fluff, and are not burdened with advertisements. A superb service!

Tom Denberg, MD
Senior Medical Director

I look forward to my digital newsletters from RamaOnHealthcare. They contain very useful insights and keep me updated on developments in healthcare. I archive many of these articles for future reference.

Brent Walker
EVP & Chief Marketing Officer

Rama Juturu has his finger on the pulse. He knows what the important events and developments are and shares them in a very helpful manner.

Steve Nilsen

RamaOnHealthcare’s posting is one of the first I open to find out what’s happening and what’s on the horizon in healthcare. It helps me stay sharp and be the best advisor possible to our clients.

Jeff Cohen
Healthcare Lawyer

Generally timely and relevant information.

Rohan Kulkarni
Vice President Healthcare Strategy & Portfolio

Rama Juturu’s team provides useful, timely and accurate information that allows our company to stay abreast of the constant changes and trends in Healthcare. Rama is knowledgeable, responsive and thorough; and all this at an excellent value.

Steven Renard
President & CEO

Your feeds keep me up to date on what is happening in the health care field.

Prochaska Psychotherapists
Janice M. Prochaska

I have to say that RamaOnHealthcare does an excellent job of distilling the most important healthcare trends and events down to the key takeaways that really matter most. Thanks RamaOnHealthcare – Keep up the great work!

Brad Bostic
Chairman & CEO

RamaOnHealthcare does a phenomenal job of communicating the most important industry trends! RamaOnHealthcare’s research is very insightful and extremely helpful to anyone wanting to be aware of the latest and the greatest!

Arnab Sen
Chief Executive Officer

RamaOnHealthcare, The articles are VERY helpful. I learn from them – and it saves me time as you have already culled thru the mass of info and given me the important article to read! I know the team feels the same. You may have also noticed that quite often when you send to us, we push out on our Social Media channels. Thank you for what you do.

Allan M. Hess
Strategic Vertical Leader

RamaOnHealthcare, I am regular reader of your news blog. I find the news articles very insightful and am thankful to you for keeping the reader community current on a wide range of healthcare topics.

Gaurish Chandrashekhar
Director, Revenue Management

RamaOnHealthcare, Thank you for your timely and informative healthcare news updates and pertinent articles you send. I always find them useful and they help me stay on top of what is happening in our industry.

Mike Swim
AVP, Business Development

RamaOnHealthcare really has a great pulse on the trends in the healthcare industry. The articles and blog posts that RamaOnHealthcare circulates give me an in-depth view of key activities. And they are most always thought provoking. I often forward these articles to colleagues. Without RamaOnHealthcare, I would lose a valuable source of critical information.

Darren Schulte, MD
Chief Executive Officer

RamaOnHealthcare: I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all the content you share with me regarding the healthcare space. The information, articles, white papers and vision you share helps me tremendously to stay current, informed and ahead of where the industry is going. As a busy executive, I rely on your blog and content as a simple and efficient method and repository. In addition, I often forward your content to my company and division associates to facilitate their ongoing education. I greatly appreciate all the support you provide me.

Richard Lopez del Rincon
Senior Vice President of office-based physician service

RamaOnHealthcare provides great daily updates on the latest healthcare trends. I start my day by reading the posts and articles. Thank you for keeping us informed. Keep up the great work!

Tom Langan
CEO, Payer & Life Sciences Business Unit

RamaOnHealthcare has become my go to blog for information and HIT news. RamaOnHealthcare delivers timely, condensed information that I trust. In the fast paced and noise filled HIT ecosystem RamaOnHealthcare is a reliable filter and lens for what is important.

Thomas Giannulli, MD, MS

Each day, RamaOnHealthcare captures the essence of what is happening in healthcare, where it is heading, and the challenges to get there. The variety of articles is quite helpful for those looking to get into the details or to get a broad brush of what’s happening and what solutions, services, and technology are or will be effective and what to watch. Keep up the great work!

R2 Apogee LLC
Rob Robertson
Principal | MBA

Without a doubt, RamaOnHealthcare’s newsletter provides a critical and powerful source of news and information that allows me to quickly get up to speed on health industry news and knowledge. As a leader in the VC/PE practice for our firm, I have now used many of the highly curated news and headlines to inform our ability to impact clients along with sharing it with GPs’ and LPs’ alike. I receive many news feeds in the morning and I always look forward to reading RamaOnHealthcare.

Veneeth Iyengar
Ex-Chief Growth Officer

Rama Juturu does a fantastic job at aggregating relevant content on a daily basis. Coupled with his team’s industry insights, RamaOnHealthcare is a daily go-to read for the TruClinic team.

Justin Kahn
VP, Consumer/SME

This is a great consolidation of news. One site covering many different aspects of healthcare that is very timely and relevant.

Kyle Silvestro
President, CEO and Chairman of the Board