CNBC May 28, 2024
Kevin Williams

Key Points

– CVS, Walmart, and Walgreens are all scaling back or shuttering retail health clinics.

– Walgreens’ VillageMD recorded a $6 billion loss, an example of just how difficult it has become to generate profits from a health-care model that retailers over the past decade bet would be a big win.

– CVS remains the largest operator of in-store clinics, with 63% market share, according to Definitive Healthcare’s annual report.

Bobbi Radford showed up at the CVS MinuteClinic in Batavia, Ohio, last Thanksgiving because she had pain in her arm.

“I waited an hour and then was told to go to the [emergency room].,” Radford said. Filling the staffer in on her history of congestive heart failure, she...

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