Becker's Healthcare September 15, 2022
Jakob Emerson

Nevada has the fastest growing rate of healthcare spending and California spends the most on healthcare overall, according to new data from the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The average growth data is from 1991 to 2020, while the total healthcare spending data is from 2020. Healthcare expenditures include all commercial and publicly funded services from hospitals, physicians, nursing homes and prescription drugs.

Expenditures that are not included are insurance program administration, research and construction costs.

States ranked by average annual healthcare spending growth:

Nevada: 7.7 percent

Total 2020 spending: $26.2 billion

Arizona: 7 percent

Total 2020 spending: $65 billion

Alaska: 6.9 percent

Total 2020 spending: $10 billion

Utah: 6.9 percent

Total 2020 spending: $24.4 billion

Idaho: 6.8 percent

Total 2020 spending:...

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