Health Populi May 23, 2023
By Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

“It seemed like an odd pairing: shampoo and a throat swab,” observes a new report on the growth of retail health from Definitive Healthcare.

But retail clinics are no longer, as the paper explains, “an experiment of a few grocery stores….they’re becoming a major force in the U.S. healthcare system,” asserts the thesis of Retailers in healthcare: A catalyst for provider evolution.

While the use of emergency departments fell by 1% in the past five years, the use of retail clinics expanded by 70%, Definitive Healthcare calculated.

Most retail clinics are owned by large retail chains, illustrated in the first pie-circle chart, dominated by CVS Health’s MinuteClinic (with two-thirds of the market share), Kroger’s brand The Little Clinic *with 12%),...

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