Fortune April 3, 2019
Adam Lashinsky

There’s enthusiasm about the healthcare industry—I badly want to call it infectious or contagious but fear that would be in poor taste—and it is abundantly evident at Fortune’s Brainstorm Health conference in San Diego this week.

Keller Rinaudo, founder and CEO of medical-supplies-delivery-by-drones company Zipline International, wowed the audience with images of the important work his for-profit company is doing in Africa. The exceedingly well-funded startup is more than a curio, and its technology vastly bests annoying quad-copters. Zipline’s drones are airplanes that land by an innovative tail hook mechanism.

Technology is transforming healthcare, mostly for the good. Hal Barron, chief scientific officer at drug giant GSK, described how his firm is using genetic targeting to double the likelihood that experimental drugs will...