Becker's Healthcare September 1, 2022
In collaboration with LeanTaaS

Recently, LeanTaaS’ founder and Chief Executive Officer Mohan Giridharadas and Eric Eskioğlu, MD, MBA, Neurosurgeon, Executive Vice President, Chief Medical & Scientific Officer and Co-Director, Institute of Innovation and Artificial Intelligence, Novant Health came together at the Transform Hospital Operations Summit in partnership with Becker’s.

The two leaders discussed how Novant Health has learned to embrace AI to protect patients, increase job satisfaction, and help reduce burnout.

Mohan Giridharadas: Can you talk a little about your background and how your unique perspective helped drive Novant Health’s AI journey?

Dr. Eric Eskioğlu: I began my career as an aerospace and mechanical engineer in the aviation industry before I embarked on a career in medicine as a neurosurgeon and Chief Medical &...

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