Health Affairs May 24, 2023
Karim Sariahmed, Marc LaRochelle, Benjamin P. Linas

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the US has put its faith and the greatest amount of resources into biomedical technology, with the use of non-pharmaceutical interventions (such as masking or behavior change) increasingly left to individuals. Multiple monoclonal antibodies or “biologics” for COVID-19 have had their Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorizations withdrawn, but this has received relatively little public attention, despite the implications for the state of our drug pipeline and for public health more broadly. In response to a variety of drug development challenges during the pandemic, many have correctly called for revamping our clinical trial infrastructure, but this particularly remarkable series of disappointments should prompt a variety of other policies to reduce upstream profiteering and better integrate drug...

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Topics: Biotechnology, FDA, Govt Agencies, Healthcare System, Pharma / Biotech, Public Health / COVID
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