AJMC November 22, 2021
Gianna Melillo

The announcement of a “strategic refresh” for payment models under the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation offered no details on what practices should expect when the Oncology Care Model (OCM) expires in 2022.

If oncology practices expected an explanation from CMS on next steps following the imminent end of the Oncology Care Model (OCM) during CMS Innovation Center’s (CMMI’s) announcement of a “strategic refresh” earlier this year, they may have been disappointed.1

The OCM, which began in 2016, has an anticipated performance period end date of June 2022.2 For many participating practices, what follows is up in the air.

“I think a lot of us had the expectation there would be a gap, and I think the lack of...

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Topics: CMS, Govt Agencies, Payment Models, Physician, Provider, Value Based
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