VentureBeat June 30, 2023
Louis Columbus

Healthcare providers must look beyond the cloud and adopt zero-trust security to succeed in fighting back against the onslaught of breaches their industry is experiencing.

Attackers often prey on gaps in network servers, incorrectly configured cloud configurations, unprotected endpoints, and weak to non-existent identity management and privileged access security. Stealing medical records, identities and privileged access credentials is a high priority for healthcare cyberattackers. On average, it takes a healthcare provider $10.1 million to recover from an attack. A quarter of healthcare providers say a ransomware attack has forced them to stop operations completely.

Healthcare must build on cloud security with zero trust

Forrester’s recent report, The State of Cloud in Healthcare, 2023, provides an insightful look at how...

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Topics: Cloud, Cybersecurity, Health IT, Technology
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