VentureBeat June 9, 2023
Louis Columbus

Lacking designed-in security and plagued with chronic default password use, Internet of Things (IOT) devices are quickly becoming attackers’ favorite targets. Add to that the rapid rise of the many different roles and identities assigned to each advanced IoT sensor in an operations technology (OT) network, and their proximity to mission-critical systems running a business, and it is no surprise attackers love to target IoT devices.

Forrester’s recent report, The State of IoT Security, 2023, explains the factors contributing to IoT devices’ growing popularity with attackers worldwide.

IoT attacks are growing at a significantly faster rate than mainstream breaches. Kaspersky ICS CERT found that in the second half of 2022, 34.3% of all computers in the industrial sector were...

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Topics: Cybersecurity, Health IT, Health System / Hospital, IoT (Internet of Things), Provider, Technology
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