Fortune September 11, 2019
Damanick Dantes

Nowadays reaching a doctor is just a swipe away. Patients who use virtual care apps are able to receive on-demand treatment, counseling, and expert medical opinion without having to visit the doctor’s office. “Virtual care is the great equalizer in healthcare—it’s convenient, high-quality, and low-cost,” says Teladoc Health CEO Jason Gorevic.

Through its online platform, Teladoc Health offers comprehensive medical and mental health services that serve organizations and people all over the world. “Eliminating the physical barriers to get care reduces costs,” Gorevic tells Susie Gharib of FortuneTeladoc Health’s technology improves patient access to healthcare, while using a portion of a doctor’s time that might otherwise go unused.  

Telemedicine also comes in handy during natural disasters, which can lead to...