McKinsey November 15, 2022
Jason Azzoparde, Rupal Malani, MD,, Neil Rao, Shubham Singhal

US health systems are diversifying their businesses to unlock growth and support core hospital operations, carefully choosing investment areas and structures in line with their objectives.

In a challenging economic environment coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, US health systems are accelerating diversification strategies to participate in new, high-growth healthcare segments and to support core hospital operations. They are seeking to simultaneously diversify revenue sources outside of core hospital operations and build (or acquire) capabilities that can also benefit the core—for example, by improving patient access, quality of care, experience, and affordability.

We surveyed health system executives to learn more about their diversification strategies (see sidebar “Survey methodology”). More than 70 percent of survey respondents said they intend to invest...

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Topics: Health System / Hospital, Provider, Survey / Study, Trends
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