EHR Intelligence May 7, 2021
Christopher Jason

From cardiology, neurology, and behavioral health, EHR adoption, use, and satisfaction vary between medical specialties.

An EHR system does not automatically optimize to each specific medical specialty. In fact, EHR adoption, usability, and satisfaction differ significantly across medical specialties.

According to the most recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) nationwide EHR survey, office-based cardiologists and neurologists have the highest EHR adoption rates by specialty, at 95.6 percent and 94.5 percent, respectively.

Urology (94 percent), general surgery (93.8 percent), orthopedic surgery (93.2 percent), and general/family practice (92.7 percent) have the next highest EHR adoption rates.  

On the other hand, behavioral health providers and psychiatrists have the lowest adoption rate at 61.3 percent. Dermatologists also rank low at 70.2 percent.


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