Forbes January 24, 2022
John Kang

After working at fast-growing startups in South Korea, Justin Kim, a Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia alum from 2020, launched his own startup, called Ami, that aims to make mental healthcare more accessible for the overworked and stressed-out workers in Asia.

Kim, together with cofounder Beknazar Abdikamalov, launched Ami in beta mode earlier this month. Kim, who serves as CEO, was most recently a product owner at Korean billionaire Lee Seung-gun’s Viva Republica, which operates the finance superapp Toss, while Abdikamalov, CTO, was a software engineer at Amazon. The two previously worked together at Miso, a Seoul-based home services platform backed by famed Silicon Valley accelerator Y Combinator (which nurtured startups such as Airbnb, Coinbase and DoorDash) and an honoree...

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Topics: Digital Health, Healthcare System, Mental Health, Provider, Public Health / COVID, Technology
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