AXIOS June 21, 2024
Caitlin Owens

We’ve spent the last nine weeks going through health care’s defining topics, but if there’s a thread tying them all together it’s this: Health care in America is deeply unequal, and it might get worse.

Why it matters: All of the innovation in the world won’t make any difference to patients if it’s unaffordable or inaccessible, and right now everything in the pipeline is headed for a two-tiered system.

  • “It’s not only inequities in access to the system, but then also differential experiences even within the system,” said Samantha Artiga, vice president and director of the Racial Equity and Health Policy Program at KFF.
  • When you look at health outcomes, “you will see persistent and long-standing disparities in health...

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Topics: Employer, Equity/SDOH, Govt Agencies, Healthcare System, Insurance, Patient / Consumer, Provider
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