Becker's Healthcare March 13, 2019
Emily Rappleye

President Donald Trump released a $4.75 trillion budget outline for 2020, which seeks to put several billion toward various IT and cybersecurity initiatives.

Five notes on the IT-related line items:

1. Ramped up cybersecurity. The budget earmarks $9.6 billion for the Defense Department to ramp up security, support military cybersecurity objectives and provide national data security, according to Nextgov. This is $1 billion more than last year’s request. It includes funds for other agencies’ cybersecurity efforts as well, including $1 billion for the Department of Homeland Security, $156 million for the Energy Department and $125 million for the Treasury Department.

2. Technology modernization. The Technology Modernization Fund, which goes toward IT improvements across federal agencies, would receive an injection of $150 million, according to Nextgov....

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