Health Evolution January 13, 2020
Tom Sullivan

From AI to value-based payments, health care executives discuss their most critical action items.

Health Evolution interviewed top-tier provider, payer and life sciences CEOs to delve into their most pressing agenda items for 2020 and beyond. 

Snapshot: Change quickly or risk failing. 

“If I don’t move 180 degrees I’m going to be part of a dying breed,” says Steve Klasko, MD, CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Thomas Jefferson Health. Marshfield Clinic CEO Susan Turney echoed that sentiment. “We know if we don’t do things differently, our competitors will — and they’re not just our competitors of the past,” Turney says.   

Whereas some of the undertakings are not entirely new, that striking sense of urgency is prevalent among chief executives. Let’s take a look at what CEOs told...