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Barbara Duffy, DHSc, MPH, RN, CPHQ, Health Innovation Officer

Thought Leadership is strategic for Healthcare Innovation and Transformation. RamaOnHealthcare leverages deep curation expertise to connect with and interview Healthcare Thought Leaders across the industry to provide intriguing insights for our readers on an ongoing basis. Below are some short quotes of wisdom they offered exemplifying the importance of data, innovation, and more within Healthcare today!

Barbara Duffy, DHSc, MPH, RN, CPHQ

Barbara Duffy, DHSc, MPH, RN, CPHQ

Dave Bennett, October 8, 2022, CEO of pCare – Digital Hospital of the Future
“I believe the most significant potential for AI and digital health lies in precision medicine.” “… it is about new ways of providing value. It’s more than just using technology.” “…it bears repeating that the focus/objective must be on care, not technology.”

Dr. Spencer Dorn and Praveen Suthrum, September 9, 2022, Transforming Gastroenterology
“Key challenges include integrating high-quality data and embedding AI tools into clinical workflows, explaining AI recommendations, and finding clear business cases to justify the necessary investments…” “Educate yourself by immersing yourself into future trends of not just medicine but also other industries.”

Alejandro Badia, MD, August 30, 2022, OrthoNOW
“I firmly believe the most needed disruption is in HOW we access and deliver care.”
“The societal concerns of cost and inefficiency are simply not being adequately addressed.”

Ramesh Jain, August 10, 2022, Author of Lifeblood of Health is Data
“A Predictive, Preventative, Personalized, and Participatory approach, along with the aid of technology, provides an opportunity for a unique insight into what is “health” for an individual that far exceeds our current understanding …” “The major challenge is not the progress in technology and infrastructure but within business interests and legacy systems.”

Ted Willich, July 10, 2022, Co-Founder and CEO of NLP Logix
“… automation through machine learning/artificial intelligence should be considered for any data-intensive and repetitive task.” “…your data is one of your most valuable assets!”

Ryan Mooney, June 13, 2022, General Manager, Source Division, Health Edge
“A streamlined platform is critical to liberate us from manual processes and free people to act on problems on their own…” “I always tell people that if there is an opportunity to improve and we don’t do it, well, that’s just wrong.” “The key is going to be a major focus on data and analytics.”

Florian Hillen, June 1, 2022. Founder and CEO of Videa Health
“…providing fair, accurate, and equitable treatment rooted in data and experience is the North Star for dentistry.” “…we’re most excited about the clinical applications of AI.”

Diana Joseph, Ph.D., May 31, 2022, Founder and CEO, Corporate Accelerator Forum
“Think of learning as change…” “There aren’t any experts when you’re inventing a new technology or business model…” “…sticking to the familiar is risky in a changing world.”

Will Perry, April 22, 2022, Principal, US Cloud Innovation and Engineering Leader, PwC
“The global healthcare AI market is predicted to reach $44.5 billion by 2026, highlighting just how essential the technology has been in advancing the healthcare industry…” “The platform is designed to dramatically increase the volume and usability of vital information to fuel faster decisions and predict better treatment outcomes.”

Dr. Vijay Shah, April 15, 2022, Carol M. Gatton Chairman of Medicine, Mayo Clinic
“The scale we can achieve through this technology far surpasses what we can provide on a one-to-one individual patient-provider basis and thus allow us to help more patients globally.” “I am very excited about the future and the innovation it will bring for better patient care and more satisfying careers for healthcare providers.” “Academic medical centers must lead the transformation of healthcare.”

Ariel Katz, February 21, 2022, Founder and CEO of H1
“…what if we built a product to highlight doctors, clinical trials, research, and academics—in other words, all their work in one place?” “In some industries, regulation stops innovation. In healthcare, it drives it.” “We want to make the landscape of clinical trials diverse and inclusive to lead to more inclusive medicine and better patient outcomes.”

Scott Weingarten, MD, December 12, 2021, CEO of Welcome Health, SCAN Group
“…providing primary care and hospital care at home can improve quality of care, reduce health care costs, …” “…provide comprehensive geriatric in-home primary care.…expertise in dementia, falls, polypharmacy, and loneliness.”

Dr. Kedar Mate, September 28, 2021, President and CEO of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)
“… it’s about creating a psychologically safe environment in which mistakes and biases can be acknowledged and then building better systems that can provide better health care to everyone.”

Rama S. Juturu, April 2021, Founder of RamaOnHealthcare
“The status quo isn’t an option. Disruption is the only answer. We should aim for the three A’s of healthcare transformation: Affordability, Accessibility, and Actionability. Data, compassion, collaboration, technology, empathy, innovation, and more, are where to explore, determine, and define what Healthcare and Wellness are today and can be tomorrow.”

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