HealthLeaders Media February 9, 2024
Amanda Norris

The payer/provider turmoil has been heating up, and now there are numbers to show that it’s not just all in our heads.


– Are we surprised there’s an uptick in payer/provider disputes? No.

– But that doesn’t mean a CFO can’t rework an org’s strategy.

A not-so-unexpected trend has emerged: a notable uptick in payer/provider disputes year over year.

In addition, according to research by FTI Consulting, disagreements over reimbursement rates and contract terms have also garnered more media attention in the last year, consistent with what HealthLeaders has been reporting.

Even more, among these payer/provider disputes there seems to be a clear opponent for providers: Medicare Advantage (MA).

Let’s look at what it all means and how...

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