HealthIT Answers May 23, 2024
Industry Expert

By Pieter De Leenheer, Ph.D., CTO, 1upHealth

The healthcare industry is generating data at an astronomical scale, from clinical and claims to genetic and lifestyle data via wearables and other IoT devices. This zettabyte scale reservoir of largely untapped and unstructured data opens a plethora of promising applications in areas such as care management, population health, and prior authorization. However, to realize its true value, all this data needs to move better across the four trillion-dollar system, and that starts with data interoperability and transparency, which are deeply intertwined through data governance and data intelligence.

Making Interoperability Possible

Computable interoperability refers to the technological capability for systems to exchange data seamlessly where both sender and receiver understand the meaning (read:...

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Topics: Apps, Digital Health, EMR / EHR, Health IT, HIE (Interoperability), Provider, Technology
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