Behavioral Health Business June 20, 2024
Jack Silverstein

Burnout in behavioral health is nothing new. But today’s behavioral health organizations are facing a perfect storm of factors: a record rise in demand for services, jam-packed provider schedules, mountains of paperwork, the squeeze of staffing shortages and the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. All of that has thrown the burnout train into hyperdrive.

Behavioral health providers are now seeking ways to get off the burnout hamster wheel. The answer: AI.

But not the AI of Hollywood nightmares — the AI of health care IT dreams: purpose-built, behavioral health-focused AI that streamlines documentation, serves up key insights to improve care quality and gets providers back to focusing on the work they actually love.

Heavy caseloads and paperwork pressure


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Topics: AI (Artificial Intelligence), Mental Health, Physician, Provider, Technology
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