Becker's Healthcare December 7, 2023
Patsy Newitt

While demand for anesthesia services has skyrocketed, Medicare reimbursements have shrunk, according to VMG Health’s 2023 “Physician Alignment: Tips & Trends” report.

Here are five notes on the decline of anesthesia reimbursements:

1. Medicare reimbursements for anesthesia services decreased from $22.2730 per unit in 2019 to $21.1249 in 2023 under CMS’ final rule.

2. The No Surprises Act and its independent dispute resolution process have created further obstacles to secure anesthesia reimbursements. The act has “led to unintended consequences for anesthesia providers,” and the IDR process has been used by payers to “reduce reimbursement by refusing to go in network with anesthesia providers,” according to the report.

3. The decline in reimbursements had led to an...

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