Insider Intelligence April 10, 2023
Audio by Rajiv Leventhal and Lisa Phillips

On today’s episode, we discuss early initiatives to integrate generative AI into healthcare, the ways in which ChatGPT in healthcare could become a huge liability, and how chatbots can boost patient engagement. “In Other News,” we talk about how to turn bad reviews into positive change and how ChristianaCare’s subscription primary care offering is a little bit different. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Rajiv Leventhal and Lisa Phillips.

Episode Transcript:

Marcus Johnson:

Hey, gang. It’s Tuesday, April 11th. Lisa and Rajiv and listeners, welcome to the Behind the Numbers Daily, an eMarketer podcast made possible by Cint. I’m Marcus. Today, I’m joined by two...

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Topics: AI (Artificial Intelligence), Conferences / Podcast, Primary care, Provider, Technology, Trends
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