Hill May 11, 2021
Neil Bradley

In his first address to Congress, President Biden spent much of his time pushing lawmakers to enact his jobs and family plans. Given the combined $4 trillion price tag, it is no wonder that these proposals have garnered the bulk of the public’s attention. Yet, two other policy areas mentioned recently by the president could impose steep personal costs on American families. 

Specifically, the president’s call to limit prescription drug costs through government price controls and to expand government-run health care through a new public option or Medicare expansion threaten to both increase costs for many Americans and deny all Americans greater access to life-saving medicines and higher quality care.

Democrats in Congress have proposed a bill, H.R. 3, that...

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Topics: ACA (Affordable Care Act), Congress / White House, Govt Agencies, Healthcare System, Insurance, Medicare, Patient / Consumer, Pricing / Spending, Provider, Regulations
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