Health Populi March 9, 2021
Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

Expanding omni-channel, data-driven, cost-effective health care in the community, tailoring that care, and attending to mental health paint the picture of health through the lens of CVS Health.

The company published the Health Trends Report 2021 today, calling out ten forces shaping health care this year. Those themes are,

  1. The Year of the Pharmacist
  2. The Next Step Forward in Cardiac Care
  3. Cancer Needs a Better Roadmap
  4. The EHR Hits Its Stride
  5. The Mental Health Shadow of COVID-19
  6. Tailor Care to the Older Patient
  7. More Agents that Predict Disease
  8. Paying for the New Medical Miracle
  9. Virtual Care Goes Mainstream, and
  10. Diabetes Care is Community Care.

We can weave these market forces together into several mega-trends…

Community-based care grows in...

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