Politico June 18, 2024
By Ben Leonard and Chelsea Cirruzzo

With Carmen Paun and Ruth Reader

Driving The Day

DONE, DONE, DONE — A federal indictment of top executives at digital health company Done over charges related to overprescribing stimulants for ADHD comes as the DEA closes in on proposing rules that could shake up the telehealth industry.

The Justice Department late last week charged the California-based company’s founder, Ruthia He, and its clinical president, David Brody, in an alleged $100 million distribution and health care fraud scheme. Prosecutors allege the two conspired to purposely structure the platform to offer “easy access” to stimulants, including by mandating initial visits be less than 30 minutes and prescribing Adderall even if the member didn’t qualify.

The CDC warned that a disruption at...

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