American Hospital Association February 23, 2024
Rick Pollack, President and CEO, AHA

This week’s cyberattack on Change Healthcare, one of the nation’s largest health care technology companies, is yet another unwelcome reminder of the ability of cybercriminals to take advantage of our mission of caring by disrupting daily operations.

Optum, a product of Change Healthcare, is a major provider of services in technology, data, pharmacy care and direct health care and was also impacted by the cyberattack — which may carry serious repercussions across the wider health care field.

The AHA yesterday sent a Cybersecurity Advisory recommending that all health care organizations that were disrupted or are potentially exposed by this incident consider disconnection from affected Optum systems until it is independently deemed safe to reconnect to Optum. We also hosted...

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Topics: Cybersecurity, Health IT, Health System / Hospital, Patient / Consumer, Provider, Technology
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