VentureBeat February 29, 2024
Sean Michael Kerner

Large language models (LLMs) rely on having lots of good-quality data on which to train. Regarding developers, few organizations have as much data as Stack Overflow, a leading online knowledge-sharing platform used by more than 100 million developers every month.

Today Stack Overflow announced a partnership with Google Cloud to bring advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to millions of developers worldwide. A key part of the partnership involves integrating Stack Overflow’s knowledge base into Google Cloud’s AI tools like Gemini and the Cloud Console. This will give developers access to relevant answers, code snippets and documentation surfaced by Stack Overflow’s community. The partnership is indicative of a growing trend among LLM vendors, including OpenAI to strike up deals with content...

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Topics: AI (Artificial Intelligence), Cloud, Partnerships, Technology, Trends
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