Comparably April 15, 2021
Yancy Berns

North American healthcare systems were rocked and tested to their core by the 2020 COVID-19 outbreak, with the stresses and fractures in the existing system all the more obvious with the major strain put on it at every brace point. We’re always thrilled when by the disruption of existing practices by new tech that can make life better and easier, but nowhere is this more necessary than in healthcare, where older, less helpful practices left in place “because that’s the way it’s always been” can end up hurting people and ending lives.

These seven companies are working to forge better healthcare practices of the future, using ever-evolving technology to ensure enhanced efficiency, more effective treatments, reduced costs, and faster diagnoses.


Topics: Healthcare System, Provider, Technology
From big tech to small tech: A health care visionary pushes for a patient-centric approach to technology
Innovation Without Bounds
Dell Medical School developing technology to improve access to health care for homeless population
Telehealth 2050: The future design of virtual care technology
Smart Technologies Create a More Connected Environment for Older Adults

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