Advertising and Sponsorship

New, Unique, Purpose Driven, Aligned in Value

What we do:

Advertise your brand (i.e. solution/product, people/process and/or technology) with simplicity, cleanliness and no distraction

Why we do it:

Because we believe in your innovative work and transformational solutions and products. We believe that circulating your performance and capability will indeed make a difference in patient lives.  Lastly, we believe now is the time and place to activate the RamaOnHealthcare network in terms of your offering, our subscriber’s needs, and the new healthcare economy consumer.

How we do it:

In various ways: Website, newsletter disseminations, specialized promotions, innovative sponsorship programs …you decide! At the end of the day we’re flexible, open to your needs, and most importantly, interested in driving “best practices” in terms of promotional efforts.

Why were different:

Our sponsors are all relational, impactful, geared and targeted for the new healthcare economy. Our consumer audience takes on the same charter. Also, having a non purchased, loaned or leased viewership/readership, ensures precision focus and quality. Essentially, we are all loyal strategists with direct focus and vision for aligning ourselves to compelling headlines, and certainly, solutions for bettering our transformational industry.

Call us for a next step advertising discussion:

  • As a people, a process, a technology, a service (or all of the above), how do you relate to the healthcare economy and what is your instinctive interest in advertising w/RamaOnHealthcare?
  • How can we bring, collectively, an educated, value add presence, to this viewership in a clear, concise, reputable manner?
  • If finding synergies with the above, how do we ensure your differential value is substantiated and pronounced?

Packages, prices, timelines ..