Hill July 14, 2021
Timothy R. Homan

The $3.5 trillion budget deal reached by Senate Democrats will include funding for a range of major health care priorities, from expanding Medicare and Medicaid to extending enhanced ObamaCare subsidies.

The proposal will also be paid for in part by lowering prescription drug prices, according to a senior Democratic aide.

While the budget sets the general parameters, the details of the proposals remain to be worked out by lawmakers ahead of a final package, which will use the legislative process known as reconciliation to sidestep a GOP filibuster. The contents could also change as the legislation is crafted.

The budget deal would provide funding to add dental, hearing and vision coverage to Medicare, a major expansion pushed by progressives like Senate Budget...

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Topics: ACA (Affordable Care Act), Congress / White House, Govt Agencies, Insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, Regulations
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