Politico May 6, 2024
Ruth Reader, Shawn Zeller, Carmen Paun, Daniel Payne and Erin Schumaker

Merely a year ago, it looked like major retail chains like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and even Dollar General might use their enormous consumer footprints in the U.S. to make primary care more available, especially in rural areas.

Now those retailers say health care is too tough a business to crack.

“Lots of people think they can invest in health care, but it’s a very complex business and getting more complex all the time with new regulatory oversight by the FDA and tougher reimbursement policies,” said Michele Colucci, founder of the health-focused venture capital firm DigitalDx.

Last week, Walmart announced its decision to close 51 of its health care centers along with its telehealth operations. Walmart isn’t the only retailer reevaluating...

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