Medical Economics April 7, 2021
Pooja Goel

Even before the pandemic, primary care was complicated. Now it’s even more so as Covid-19 upends old practices, ushers in new ones and accelerates changes that were already in the works.

Tectonic shifts are underway for practitioners, including a push toward timely intervention and demand for remote patient monitoring. While all practices face an evolution-or-die dilemma, undertaking big change is harder for smaller firms which often lack the staffing, budgets, even expertise to meet the latest demands from patients and payers.

Still, whether they are large or small, PCPs must take necessary steps to survive and thrive. How do they know what to prioritize? Here are three trends that should be top-of mind for all practitioners, plus some solutions to...

Topics: Physician, Primary care, Provider
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To solve the COVID-19 pandemic, we must empower primary care physicians and pharmacists

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