MobiHealth News March 1, 2024
Jessica Hagen

Dr. Sashi Moodley, chief medical officer at Walgreens, discusses the reasoning behind the pharmacy store chain’s recently announced closures of VillageMD clinics.

Last week, Walgreens announced its tech-enabled value-based care provider VillageMD would close clinics in Florida in a bid to increase profitability and earlier this week confirmed to Becker’s it would close all its Illinois clinics in April.

Chief medical officer at Walgreens, Dr. Sashi Moodley, sat down with MobiHealthNews at ViVE24 to discuss the current state of Walgreens work in healthcare and the closures of VillageMD clinics.

MobiHealthNews: Can you give an overview of Walgreens’ current work in healthcare?

Dr. Sashi Moodley: We definitely have a lot of things going on. Just in the last few months,...

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