MedTech Dive May 23, 2023
Nick Paul Taylor

Dive Brief:

  • PulseAI’s algorithm for detecting atrial arrhythmias outperformed the software built into the Apple Watch in a prospective observational study.
  • In results presented at the Heart Rhythm Conference, PulseAI showed its algorithm improved on the sensitivity and specificity of Apple’s pre-installed software for interpreting electrocardiogram (ECG) data captured by Watch.
  • PulseAI, which partners with ECG device manufacturers, framed the results as evidence that its algorithm can improve patient monitoring by enabling the accurate interpretation of smartwatch readings at scale.

Dive Insight:

Apple’s position in the smartwatch ECG monitoring market has come under threat in recent months as the International Trade Commission found it violated AliveCor’s patents and the Biden administration upheld the ruling. An import ban could...

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Topics: Digital Health, Survey / Study, Technology, Trends, Wearables
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