Patient Engagement April 1, 2024
Sara Heath

Patient data sharing is on the rise, creating a need to protect patient privacy and patient data ownership.

In pursuit of consumer-centered healthcare, the medical industry has seen the growing prominence of patient data sharing.

As consumerism has gripped the healthcare industry, health systems across the country are working to crack the code of how to adapt to a whole new model of care. Gone are the days of a provider-directed healthcare experience and paternalistic patient-provider relationships.

Patients are now in the driver’s seat of their healthcare journeys, and it’s up to health systems to deliver on patients’ preferences.

From crafting personalized medicine approaches to simply getting to know a patient population on a deeper level, the road to consumer-obsessed...

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Topics: Digital Health, Health IT, Healthcare System, HIE (Interoperability), Patient / Consumer, Privacy / Security, Provider, Technology
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