Becker's Healthcare December 8, 2023
Patsy Newitt

ASC is attracting private equity investment in many markets — here are five key notes on PE and ASCs in 2023:

1. Private equity looked to cardiology, the fastest-growing ASC specialty, in 2023. Earlier this year, Florida-based private equity firm Viper Partners opened a mergers and acquisitions department focused on cardiology deals.

Additionally, in the last year, Orlando, Fla.-based, private equity-backed Cardiovascular Associates of America added Daytona (Fla.) Heart Group, Brandon, Fla.-based Bay Area Cardiology and Neptune, N.J.-based Shore Heart Group to its physician alliance.

2. Private equity also doubled down its interest in orthopedics. Private equity deals for orthopedics-focused ASCs have increased in the last five years, and orthopedics has been one of the most active targets for...

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