KevinMD August 26, 2023
Nick Jenkins, MD

As I clicked onto the homepage of Amazon Clinic, I got a little bit nervous. Low up-front costs, straight-forward medical decision-making, bread and butter medicine at the patient’s fingertips. Have a UTI? As long as it is simple, no problem, here’s your antibiotic. Just a few clicks. Male pattern baldness? Click. Erectile dysfunction? Click.

Just barebones medicine without the pesky face-to-face human interaction. And with easy-to-follow “guidelines,” we don’t even need doctors anymore. Let’s just give ChatGPT prescribing authority. He never gets tired, never gets burnt out, never has a family emergency, or asks for a raise. Are we, as doctors, fighting a losing battle?


If the primary care doctors of America hope to maintain their place in patient...

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Topics: AI (Artificial Intelligence), Primary care, Provider, Technology
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