Becker's Healthcare October 21, 2021
Patsy Newitt

Seven ASC leaders spoke with Becker’s on physician compensation trends they’ve noticed in the last year. 

Editor’s note: These responses were edited lightly for clarity and brevity. 

Allan Peck, MD. Gastroenterology specialist (Montgomery, Ohio): Physician compensation will continue to face downward pressures as the federal government becomes more involved with healthcare changes and hospitals increase their share of bundled payments and cost savings. Physicians will need to explore more ancillary opportunities and increase their strength through numbers to overcome the powerful forces of big government and hospital lobbies.

Amar Setty, MD. CEO of Patient Premier (Baltimore): Physician compensation trends are down slightly overall in 2021. COVID-19-related volume declines were offset by government payments. With increasing medical practice inflation, relative salaries...

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