Rama S Juturu, August 17, 2016

Triple Aim Goals: Better Health, Better Care, Better Cost

The overabundance of healthcare laws and regulations “HITECH, ACA, ICD-10, and MACRA”, CMS Innovation Center’s experimentations and learnings on new care delivery and new payment models from “Volume to Value” had ignited several market forces driving towards consumerism leading to “Patient Independence”, the ultimate solution for today’s healthcare crisis. We have a responsibility to do better and make an impact on the community by changing the way we think about the healthcare problems.

* Health IT Vendors’ offerings: EMR, HIE, RCM, PHM will require a new thinking from the start so as to align with patient-consumers demands to “manage individualized health by owning medical records and having access to their lifetime’s worth of data”.

* SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics/ AI, and Cloud) and  IoT (Internet of Things) technologies resulting in: SMART DATA, SMART ALGORITHMS, SMART INSIGHTS will enable decision making at home as well as at the point of care.

* Medical schools will launch altogether new programs from the ground up aligning health care towards value creation focusing on community partnerships.

* The Academic medical centers/ Health systems/ Hospitals will change fundamentally as Technology will allow care at home that is convenient, accessible, affordable, better and safer.

* The Insurers and Employers will manage healthcare dollars by rewarding outcomes.

* Retail and Healthcare are at cross roads. Healthcare and Technology are intersecting. We will see retailer mentality in healthcare aligning with: individual behavior, emotions and mindset.

* The doctor-patient relationship will flip the relationship to a patient-doctor relationship.

Each stakeholder will have a role to play by placing the patient-consumers at the center of healthcare transformation and achieving the Triple Aim Goals: Better Health, Better Care, Better Cost. By engaging patient-consumers we’ll have a healthier population that will use less care.

Yes, We as a community will solve today’s healthcare problems.