STAT August 14, 2019
Megan Thielking

WOODSIDE, Calif. — There’s a house situated on a wooded hillside in this wealthy Bay Area town, its entryway shaded by a pergola covered in vines, the mountains framed by wood-trimmed windows, stones paving a sweeping garden.

But it isn’t your typical multimillion-dollar Bay Area home. Instead of a couch and a television, the living room is dotted with desks. Instead of T-ball trophies and family photos, the gallery wall in the hallway is plastered with prints about startups working on men’s fertility tests, subscription plans for egg freezing, and catheters for chemotherapy. (The kitchen, however, is still stocked with snacks.)

The home is the headquarters of Portfolia, an investing platform built from the ground up with the goal of...