Health Affairs May 9, 2023
By Ezekiel J. Emanuel

We are all futurists. We all have to make predictions—even if only implicitly—about the future to shape our lives: to determine what job we take, where to live, whether to buy a house, whether to get additional education or training and in what subjects, and on and on. The same is true for the 22 million people employed in health care in the US as well as health investors and government policy makers. Thus, it is essential to periodically consider trends in the health care system, to figure out how to benefit from them, to assess how to bolster beneficial trends or to impede those that seem unhelpful or even harmful. What does the future hold for health care?


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Topics: HIM (Health Inf Mgmt), Insurance, Medicare Advantage, Mergers & Acquisitions / JV, Payer, Payment Models, Provider, Technology, Trends, Value Based
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