Medical Futurist January 13, 2022
Dr. Bertalan Meskó & Dr. Pranavsingh Dhunnoo

When it comes to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or the emerging form of digital certificate that certifies an asset as being one-of-a-kind, the world seems to be split into two camps: pro- and anti-NFT camps. Those belonging to the former camp tout it as a novel approach to finance and own digital media; while those against NFTs point to – among many other things- their devastating effects on the climate

But beyond $69.3 million-worth NFT art and relying on technology that consumes as much energy as a whole country, NFTs represent a unique potential in the digital health age: that of patients, rather than companies, owning their own digital healthcare data. With such a level of ownership, patients could leverage its advantage to monetise their data...

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Topics: Digital Health, Health IT, Patient / Consumer, Technology
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