Research2Guidance September 15, 2023
Vibhindika Chawla

Realizing the vital influence of HCPs in DIHA success, R2G has conducted a comprehensive global survey on ‘How to engage HCPs for a successful DIHA?’ Currently, most DIHA companies collaborate with HCPs, but often encountering limited success.

The field of digital health is rapidly advancing, with Digital Health Applications (DIHAs) leading the way. Within this dynamic landscape, healthcare professionals (HCPs) hold a pivotal role in influencing its direction.

However, low adoption rates among HCPs towards digital health solutions remain a significant challenge. This reluctance might be attributed to various factors, including concerns about data security, fear of competition, lack of time, the perceived disruption of traditional healthcare practices, and a lack of awareness about the advantages that DIHAs can offer.


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Topics: Digital Health, Survey / Study, Technology, Trends
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