mHealth Intelligence June 8, 2023
By Mark Melchionna

Texas A&M Health is set to gain a new Telehealth Institute to support ongoing education and training across the university and healthcare organization.

After receiving approval from its Board of Regents, Texas A&M University plans to add a Telehealth Institute to its health system, supporting virtual care-related research, education, and clinical services.

Advancing knowledge on the use of telehealth is becoming a necessity, as telehealth remains widely used across the healthcare industry. To address this and build upon the evolving model of care delivery, Texas A&M University plans to add a Telehealth Institute to Texas A&M Health.

The Telehealth Institute will be led by Executive Director Carly McCord, PhD, clinical associate professor in the Texas A&M School of Medicine and...

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Topics: Digital Health, Health System / Hospital, Provider, Technology, Telehealth
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